Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Okay, NOW I'm ready

I've been ready to be pregnant with my little girl for some time now, but I'm wondering if she was waiting for ideal circumstances to show up.  If that's the case, this is the time!  My loving, but reluctant, hubby just added out-of-network coverage to our medical insurance, so that I can go to my midwife instead of the lame nurse-midwives (who all work out of hospitals) or the OB-GYN's covered by our old insurance.  I also just got word last week that Babymoon Inn, the only birth center in Phoenix, has found a building and should be up and running in 9 months or less.  Yay!  Those were the things I really wanted for my birth, and now I'm ready. I'm also super excite that my man is finally on board with a non-hospital birth.  It took a hell of a lot of convincing, but now we're ready to roll.

I don't think it'll happen this month, but you never know.  At least now I have a bunch of extra reasons to celebrate when I get that big fat positive!