Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lacey Schwimmer is a talentless, catty idiot

Yeah, I'm a huge So You Think You can Dance fan. I watched part of Season 2, and have been hooked ever since. I think Season 3 was my favorite. I was really attached to certain dancers, and I really loved a lot of the themed dances. Neil and Lauren's week 2 hip-hop and their Angel/Demon dance were both fabulous. I still think about Pasha and Sara's swing dance, Pasha and Lauren's hip-hop from week 2, Sara and Jesus' crazy bum dance, Anya and Danny's jive and Viennese waltz, Jaimie and Hok's hummingbird dance, Sabra and Dominic's slow hip-hop, Sara and Pasha's "suspenders dance", Sabra and Neil's "business suit" dance, and (maybe the best of all) Danny and Neil's "fighting princes" dance. Nigel Lithgoe needs to get off his ass and make a "Best of So You Think You Can Dance DVD" with these dances in it. I know I'd line up to buy it.

Anyway, through all this raving about SYTYCD, you'll notice that there was no mention of Lacey Schwimmer. That's because she sucked. My friends and I rooted for her to go home every week, and every week fans of her also-not-so-talented brother kept her afloat. It was SO lame that awesome dancers, like Lauren Gottlieb and Sara Von Gillern missed out on the top 4 so someone as mono-faceted as Lacey could be there. Okay, she can dance better than I can. But so can everyone who has ever made it to Vegas week on the show. But she didn't deserve to be in the Top 20, we were pissed that she made the Top 10, and I was beyond shocked that that ridiculous hack made it to the Top 4.

As you can tell, I'm still bitter about the whole thing. But I've come to terms with the fact that that season is over, Season 4 was amazing, and Season 5 is setting up to be (possibly) even better. I still have my awesome show to look forward to. But when that bitch Lacey decides to badmouth the show, the entire fourth season, and now the awesome dancers of this season, it's become personal. Here is the link for her rant:


How dare the most undeserving dancer on the entire show trash the more talented dancers who came after her, as well as the choreographers and staff of the show who gave her the opportunity to support herself doing what she loves? She was no one before the show, and now she's been on Dancing With the Stars, among other things, which would not have been possible without her appearance on SYTYCD. She's forgotten her roots, and she's shitting where she sleeps.

I guess I shouldn't be upset. At the very least, she won't pollute my show with her presence this season, since she doesn't respect it anymore. And hopefully she'll burn her bridges with the entire dance community so I won't have to see or hear from her at all. I'd love for her to be blacklisted from the dance community so that a more talented and less delusional dancer can live out their dreams in her place.


  1. okay..
    a. obviously youre retarded
    b. the show (sytycd) treated lacey like absolute crap behind the scenes. she doesnt owe them anything and if you were in the situation, you would bad mouth them too.
    c. youre still retarded
    d. lacey was well known in the dance community before sytycd, and would be regardless of any show.
    e. i still think youre retarded.

  2. you are clearly not retarded :) I think the person who wrote that several times is a bit touched in the head.

    I thought Lauren had more talent in her pinkie than Lacey did in her entire body and completely agree with you!

    It's a free country and Lacey can express her opinions but the way she did showed ZERO class and tact, something we already knew about her.

  3. Sigh, everyone's entitled to their opinion...even Lacey, apparently. I don't really care that someone who obviously is clueless about dance thinks I'm retarded. I hope that posting that made them feel better about themselves. Whatever. Anyway, I don't care if SYTYCD treated Lacey bad behind the scenes. She clearly deserved it, judging from her current behavior. Maybe they were just frustrated that a mediocre dancer could not be subjected to judging and rightly kicked off to make room for the awesome dancers who left before their time. Who could blame them for that?

  4. Well clearly the anonymous person is reflecting their own post through repetition, bad spelling and no imagination. :)

    that's the bitch about free speech. I have to get the hell OFF the Internet every now and then b/c I just can't handle some things being said.