Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swine flu and good weather

The weather's finally changing here. After a brief and brutal heatwave (it was 102 one day last week) we're finally looking at highs in the 80's and nice cool nights with lows in the 60's or lower. I love the cool, fall weather and my son and I have been taking advantage. We've been biking, taking walks and going to the playground. It's been awesome! I live for the time of year when I can leave the door open and breathe in the fresh air.

However, it has been flu season, and the whole family recently recovered from swine flu. According to the CDC's website that, after the last person is better, the virus can live on your furniture and household items for up to 7 days. So, We're all better now and we can leave the house, but we can't have anyone over until Tuesday. Lame.

Anyway, other than the quarantine, it's not as bad as everyone says. I still have a little runny nose and lingering cough, but it was the flu. I didn't see any difference between it and the regular flu. I have absolutely no regrets in not getting vaccinated, especially since there are debates about how effective the vaccine will be. The arguments are ridiculous. Apparently the virus is mutating so quickly that they're saying just because you had it once, doesn't mean you'll have any immunity once it comes around a second time. So they're pushing the H1N1 vaccine on everyone who's already had it. On the flipside, there have been reports that people born before 1958, when the swine flu was around last time, may still have some residual immunity. Huh? If it's mutating that fast, they shouldn't have any. And how is the vaccine going to be effective at all since the virus in the vaccine this month will be way different from the virus that comes around next month? I think they're just trying to make money.

Well, everyone knows I'm anti-vaccine, so me not buying into the H1N1 vaccine is certainly no surprise. The flu did put a damper on my October plans, though. I laid on the couch for over a week staring at the walls and thinking about putting up my autumnal decorations. They finally made it up 2 days ago. Now I have spiderwebs and pumpkins everywhere.

It's really nice not being depressed anymore. If I wasn't certain before, I am now positive that I have reverse seasonal affected disorder. My house is clean, I don't need to nap anymore, and I feel like going out and being social again. Even better, I don't feel like my soul is being suffocated. Yay, autumn!

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