Monday, November 23, 2009

"The Doctors" is an awful show

I have watched the show The Doctors for some time now, mostly for a laugh.  I find a lot of their advice ridiculous, their ideas on a healthy diet laughable, and their views on vaccines deplorably irresponsible.  Of the four doctors on the show, I have always found Dr. Lisa, the Ob/Gyn, to be the most obnoxious.  Now I just hate her.  Today on the show she actually made the statement that she thinks breast milk from a milk bank is not as good as formula.  This woman is off her rocker!  Breast milk is always best!  I will be the first to say that I would feverishly search for an affordable breast milk donor if I could not make my own for my baby.  That "Dr." Lisa thinks that tasteless, store-bought, overpriced paste they sell as a pitiful substitute for breast milk is better than pastuerized breast milk from a donor which had been tested for diseases, is beyond ridiculous.

I already didn't like her before because of her views that homebirth is unsafe, and that flu shots are the saviors of pregnant women.  She also once said that no one should be concerned about the cesarean section rate of their Ob/Gyn, since their c-section rate is exactly what was necessary.  Ugh!  Ricki Lake, a homebirth advocate of the finest caliber, came on the show as a guest and Dr. Lisa actually yelled at her without provocation.  Ricki never raised her voice, and said nothing offensive.  I'm amazed that they even get guests on their show after treating one like that.  Dr. Lisa, I hope you have a life changing experience that shows you the err of your ways.  Otherwise, it might be nice for you to end up with a terrible hospital experience as you are rushed through labor beyond your body's natural pace, at which time your doctor tells you you need a c-section so he won't be late for golf, dinner, or a party that starts in a few hours.

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  1. Wow! Went and found the clip you were talking about! WTF Doc? I might forgive her for being ugly, but not for being indignant. I mean really?!?