Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I can pee in my own bathroom again!

Until Sunday night, I was without a bathroom.  The plumber ripped up the entire floor and the wall behind the toilet (thus removing the toilet from use) and charged us $600 to fix the leak and leave the bathroom a wreck.  It was a great deal, since we knew my brother could fix it up and make it look nice, but the weekend project extended to a 9 day bathroom renovation.  So, I now have a new vanity, sink and faucet, medicine cabinet/mirror, paint on the walls, tile on the floor, and vanity lights.  My bro still has to put in the new shower doors and finish he walls with those little floor boards along the corners, but I can use the toilet, sink and shower in the meantime.  It looks fabulous, although I hope our next renovation is a little less spontaneous.  

Spring cleaning came late this year, mostly because I'm lazy but also in part to the need to remove the thin layer of dust that settled on everything during the remodeling of my bathroom.  I just finished the living room today and I feel a little bad at having laughed at my son while vacuuming.  He's terrified of the vacuum, so I try to comfort him and make it less scary.  I set everything up, plugged in the vacuum and then remembered I forgot something in the other room.  While I was away, I heard the vacuum turn on, followed by a blood-curdling scream.  I laughed, knowing exactly what happened.  My son has never seen a red button he hasn't wanted to push...until today.  I laughed the entire time I cuddled him.  I couldn't help it.   He deserved it after the hundreds of times he's shut off the dishwasher mid-wash or turned off the DVR right before I set something up to record.  

My last little giggle for the day came from Oprah.  I'm a Dr. Oz fan.  I just love him, and today was Oprah's farewell show for him, since he's getting his own show.  Hopefully it'll push that travesty ("The Doctors") off the map.  Anyway, Oprah was highlighting all of Dr. Oz's best moments on her show.  One of them was his experience during Hurricane Katrina when he helped a tiny baby who was on death's door survive.  It was really touching.  Then Dr. Oz said he's tried to track down this little boy ever since, but with no name to go with the face, he had no way to find him.  Of course, Oprah surprised him with the boy and his aunt.  There it was, a Kodak moment with Dr. Oz walking up to the now three and a half year old, ready to hug him with tears in his eyes...and the kid swings his teddy bear at him nailing him in the face.  I just about fell off the couch.  Funny!  That's a child's gratitude for ya.

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