Friday, May 1, 2009

This Beltane sucks

Normally I love Beltane.  It's my second favorite pagan holiday, just behind Samhain.  Oh, I also love Ostara and Yule, but there's just something about Beltane.  Even though the good weather is over in Phoenix by Beltane, I still usually count it as a great day.  

Not this year, though.  My house has some major leak in it, so a plumber is here dissecting my bathroom to try to find it.  The car is late on both registration and emissions testing, and my husband was already pulled over for it, so it's gotta get done asap, which means today.  We're also woefully overdue for our optometrist appointments, and today is the only day available for like a month.  Oh, and every possible event seems to be going on today, so no one's available to celebrate.  

Happy Beltane everyone.  Hope your holiday is better than mine.  Of course, if you're not spending it awaiting a huge plumbing bill, waiting at the DMV, or getting that annoying pupil-dilation thing done, then I can almost guarantee that it is.

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  1. Yeah, I spent my Beltaine sleeping, which was awesome, but not terribly traditional. We did have fun Sunday, though!